Five For the Future – Thanks WebDev Studios!

I started working for Web Dev Studios about 90 days ago.
Shocker: I had imposter syndrome.
I’d never had a job as a full-time dev.
The last contract dev gig I had at an agency (with a super-smart owner and a PM I deeply respect) I was *fired* from for my inability to handle FED stuff.

One of the reasons I applied to WDS is the commitment to the WP community.  One day a month the entire company works on things to support OSS.  It’s scheduled.  It’s intentional.  It’s important.

This seems like it should be an easy, fun day.
I stress over my output these days.  I have 8 hours to do something that’s helpful to the WP community.

So far, for #5ftf I have focussed on our plugin-generator.  While the plugin gen does require some techie chops to install and generate with, the thing I enjoy most about it is strict pattern adherence.
It dictates a way of doing things.
It’s easily identifiable.
I use it every day, at work and on personal projects.
When I see a WDS plugin-gen project I know how it works immediately and can dig into very quickly.

On our company scrums on #5ftf days every single person talks about what they did for #5ftf.
It’s inspiring.
FED create things more usable and beautiful.
BED build and update plugins that are vital parts of many WP installs.

I can’t stop smiling during #5ftf scrums.

Look, the nature of a job is that sometimes…it’s not perfect.  Deadlines, stress, and personality conflicts.  These smart people I work with, when they get to dig in on #5ftf do amazing things.
It’s impossible to not root for them and be proud to work with them!